Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bajan Bash!

I guess there was some sparks generated from Ronan and Mya's blog...I'm finding myself way more interested in posting about life and taking more pictures. So much to cherish and love!

This post is long overdue, but nonetheless............Welcome to Living with Boy: Barbados Edition!

Yes, for those of you who know the Hintze Family and our lifelong quest of going to Barbados....IT HAPPENED!! Last Christmas was full of surprises, with the announcement of the beginning of my niece collection, being la fianced, and being gifted a family dream vacation to the beautiful island of Barbados!

My father was able to spend several months, SEVERAL years ago in Barbados on a LDS mission, so we'd always looked forward to going back there as a family one day.

It seemed like every summer starting when I was about 10, we "were going to go"! It took years, but August 13, 2012 we piled the luggage high and began our quest!

My mom and dad had done tons of research about where to stay and my oh my did they know how to pick vacation houses. We stayed in the BelAir house complete with pool and tennis court and people to clean up after me :)

The pictures are in no particular order, but please enjoy!

Now the list....."Ten things Barbados taught us"

1. Grandparents with diabetes should have one of those little "prick your finger" things.
2. The BelAir House REALLY does look like the brochure promised...maybe BETTER!
3. They drive on the left side of the road.
4. Fences are made of scrap sheet metal.
5. Hadley likes Pitbulls. Pitbulls like Claire
6. Passionfruit drinks are wonderful.
7. Chantel and Madison are VERY competitive with each other in California Speed and Tennis.
8. Mosquitos bite at night. ALOT.
9. Brad might be part Eskimo.
10. Dylan loves/hates the water. Troy LOVES water, salt or fresh!

Unfortunately, it's not pictured, but I was the first girl to bail off the cliff on one of our beach days....ask anyone!

Sorry Madison, didn't have many pictures of you besides the ones where you're "feeding" Claire. Want me to post those?? Grandpa isn't pictured once....but he was there for sure! Mom you're probably going to want me to take the pictures of you down like usual, BUT I won't. You're cute!

I wish I had taken more photos, but sorry! Thanks to Brent and Kell! LETS GO BACK!! :)


  1. It's about time these picture were posted. How fun!! I love reading your blog. More please :)