Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adorable Vegetable Boy

I cannot resist, I must share a little story from our late night run to the grocery store last night.

I needed to pick up some cilantro for dinner this week (Yes, we commonly eat nothing but cilantro for dinner). So we made our way towards the fruits and vegetables. I was hunting near the lettuce in hopes of finding the cilantro, when the little water sprayers turned on. Boy, who was close by leaning on the handlebar of the cart, let out a little relaxing sigh and then proceeded to explain to me how "happy" the fresh fruits and vegetables section of grocery stores made him, and how peaceful he felt the water sprayers were. He went on and on about this and how he may even consider working in a vegetable garden someday because surely vegetable garden workers never had a bad day on the job...

For some strange reason, which I can't quite put my finger on.....this caught me EXTREMELY off guard and made me laugh hysterically. For I never knew that people had such strong, positive feelings about fruits and veggies.

On the way home with our cilantro in tow, I asked if other people knew about his love for lightly spritzed, fresh lettuce. He started in again about he was sure MANY other people felt the same way about fruits and vegetables as he did....So I ask you, blog readers, do you find your self squealing with delight in the produce section of your local grocery store? And the spritzers, how do you feel about the spritzers?

I guess next time Boy is having a bad day, I'll just neatly organize some fresh fruits and veggies on the kitchen counter and lightly spritz them with a spray bottle.

Boy, I hope you're having a great day off a work, BUT if you aren't....this one is for you.

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  1. Hysterical. And you'll continue to find out random funny things about them over the years. Keeps life entertaining :)