Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A few thoughts about Ronan....

I'm not a mother yet, but I certainly hope at some point in time I will be.

And I am a Taylor Swift fan and today I find myself sitting at work in a state of serious sobs as I start learning about this Ronan song that Taylor Swift has recently released.

And I start reading about how Taylor found this blog about a sweet mother who loses her four-year-old son to cancer and how Taylor is somehow drawn to the story and the intense love you can feel from the mother/son love story.

And I read the blog posts of letters the mom writes to her son who has passed away, about how Taylor's song is affecting this cute little Ronan's, siblings, Dad, and now the whole world.

And I can't help but think how one little Taylor Swift is affecting this little family in such a big way...and all she has done is developed love for something sweet, like a boy who left earth a tad too soon.

And this post is not so much about bragging about Taylor Swift or expressing my respect for her, but its just taking time to forget the Barbados pictures I need to post, or the new car we need to buy, or the couch we need to find, it's just about being grateful for life and even the loss of life, because there is so much good and tenderness that slips away in the madness of everyday life.

And I urge you to get yourself to read these love letters between mom and child and just take in all the sweetness.

And this post is vague and thrown together, but I'm grateful for sweetness today. Genuine sweetness.

That is all.

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