Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boy & Girl Get Hitched

I am so pleased to finally announce that Boy and I's wedding pictures are in hand!!! Don't worry I am not going to post each and every single one, but I do hope the pictures give you a taste of our day and the people we were lucky enough to share it with! Angie Andrews of Sweet Memory Garden Photography did an amazing job capturing the whole day. Food was provided by Le Croissant Catering. They always do an amazing job. And the fruit and pasta display they put together went right along with our vintage theme as you'll see from the pictures.  Flowers were done by Willow & Wildflowers. I honestly cried the morning I picked up my bouquet. It was exactly what I wanted. My invitations were crafted by Stacie Jensen. She helped me combine my ideas into the perfect invite! Thanks to Jill Skousen and Danielle Green for helping with invite fonts, design, & layout!

To those of you who don't like the pictures of yourselves....sorry and you're all adorable! Boy and I loved this day. We hope those who were involved did too. And if you weren't there, please enjoy this recap!

Honest, Honest, Honest. He is a "one take" man. He only jumped once! LOVE this picture

Be sure to notice Boy's mom in the back :)

Crying boy and girl! My dress was cutting off circulation (that is my excuse)

The next set of pictures are of all the people Cam and I love. Many of which travelled long and far to be here in Utah for this day. Thanks to all of you for your love and help! Again, apologies if you don't like photos of yourself.

Cutest girl ever! Love that little bouquet...

Amanda, sooooo glad you found suspenders! DANG cute.

Last group of pictures I swear. The little details were some of my favorite parts of the reception. ENJOY :) Thanks to so many who helped. ESPECIALLY my MOM & DAD! Love you all for making this perfect!


  1. I'm so sad I missed this extravaganza! I'm so glad you posted photos though! It looks AMAZING! Your family should seriously go into the wedding biz :) Congrats!

  2. Sisters! The pictures are amazing! You guys did an awesome job. So happy I was able to be a part of your special day. Love you! xoxo