Thursday, May 31, 2012

Repeat Wedding Weekend seems like boy and I can't take any vacations together without going through some sort of mishap!

I must give you fair warning...the story you are about to read may or may not have puke in it, so if you have a queasy stomach,

It was about 10:00pm on a delightful night just a few miles north of St. George. Boy and I were in a car on loan from my parents. We were just singing loud and having a great time when suddenly I started feeling super dizzy. It got way hot and I was just feeling FUNKY. I laid back for a minute. Then the nausea and the next thing I know I'm covering my mouth with one hand and grabbing the steering wheel frantically with the other to get us to the side of the road quickly.....

Unfortunately it wasn't quite quick enough..... Mom, no need to worry. Your car came out of this unscathed, but I can't say the same about my pants or shirt.

So there we are, boy and I on the side of the freeway. Me barefooted in prickly bushes, covered in puke.

As I'm finishing my business and removing my soiled clothes, boy is removing his own basketball shorts for me to wear. What a sweetie

Thankfully, we were staying at a condo in St. George with laundering facilities, but we couldn't help but add this story to our list of traveling memories as we cruised into the condo in our unmentionables.

Today we travel from George to California...pray for our well being!

Signed, Boy and Girl

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