Friday, April 20, 2012

First "MIX" Up

Well....we ran into our first disagreement, Cameron and I. :) I'm looking for opinionated people to take my side...please read on.

I've got to give you a few tid bits of info to make the story complete...

First, I have limited, extremely limited cooking skills!
Second, I don't know how to cook.          
Third, Boy and I eat very small portions.
Fourth, Boy doesn't like baked goods. i.e-cookies, brownies, etc.
Fifth, did I mention I don't know how to cook yet?

Okay, so as many of you know when you get married people throw bridal showers for you. At one of these showers my grandma and several aunts and cousins bought me a super nice kitchen aid. Great right?!?!

Well, Boy is having a hard time seeing the value in this mixer. He keeps asking me what I'd use it for and I can't give a good response because my cooking skills are so limited. He suggests we trade the mixer in for something "we'd literally use everyday of our lives" like surround sound or a couch :) 

Newly married people. Men and Women. Please tell me why or why not I'm going to want this beauty. ALSO, 9 DAYS TILL I'M MARRIED, AND LIVING WITH BOY!

XOXO, Girl

PS) I already tried to argue that our future kids and neighbors are going to want desserts and treats made by the mixer. His response...."In ten years when we have kids, I'll buy you a mixer." So, refrain from using that logic. I look forward to comments.


  1. This may help you decide one way or another

  2. Alan got me a kitchen aid for Christmas a few years ago, and it took me a while before I was using it very often. However, I really do use it quite a bit now! And, like your boy, he doesn't love baked goods.. but I'm making them every week for him to take to scouts, or home teaching, etc. You'll use it.

    PLUS, I'm finding out all of these cool things you can do with it. My new favorite: shredding chicken. It seriously saves me so much time.

    Good luck! Also, congrats on the wedding! So happy for you!

  3. Miss Hadley!

    I also had very limited cooking skills when I got married, but I started gaining them pretty quickly when I realized that someone had to do it :) And it probably wasn't going to be Landon (he does the dishes instead)! So, my two cents. Keep it. That mixer is something that girls dream about having once they learn a few skills in the kitchen. Pizza dough, bread, goodies (shredding chicken like mentioned above) are all good reasons. Besides even if your new hubs doesn't like baked goods, you will ALWAYS be asked to bring something somewhere--even just to a friends house for dinner/dessert dates.

    The only way I wouldn't keep it (if I were you) is if you a) have ZERO counter space for it and b) you never intend to learn to cook/bake. Otherwise, I think it is something you will want as you learn. (Unless you think the only thing you would ever use it for is bread--then get a Bosch because they can handle more dough at a time)I haha...

    There you go ;) My two cents that turned into ten! xoxo

  4. We got one as a shower gift too, and honestly I used it once or twice in the first three years of our marriage. It was so nice, though, and I knew I'd use it one day (and knew that I'd never be able to afford one on our own) that I kept it. Now I'm finding lots of uses for it. For example, you can make mashed potatoes, breads, soups, and all kinds of things that aren't strictly "baked goods." While surround sound would be fun, this is one of those things you wouldn't budget for later but you'll find a myriad of ways to use it soon. It's definitely more of an essential than a tech gadget. And besides, it was a gift, so it didn't cost you a dime — which makes this nothing but a plus.

  5. Okay, I'm in on this discussion. I hope the boy and the girl know that I have a sincere interest in your future happiness. Boy and girl are not going to be able to support their eating habits of the past. Your monetary resources are going to be allocated to such necessities as: tithing, fast offerings, housing (rent or mortage), utilities (electricity, cable, phone, etc.), household items (TP, cleaning supplies, toothpaste & brushes, deodorant, etc.) house decor (couches, chairs, tables, lamps, pictures, bedding iPad & Apple TV and things that will get broken regularly), insurance (health, life, disablity, auto, renters, etc.), automobiles (gas, oil, tires, maintenance, air fresheners, etc.), clothing (oh dear, go easy), education (opens the door to opportunity) and savings. In the future their will be diapers, formula, wet wipes, more diapers, small people clothes, crib, changing table, cute room decorations, etc. After that you will enjoy dance lesson fees, soccer, baseball, and football expenses, and school fees. Remember, you may want on occasion to do something fun like St. George (I'm in), Disneyland (I'm out), Huntsville (I'm in), boating and skiing (I'm in), a movie (maybe), etc.

    So what does this all mean for the boy and the girl? Now is the time to learn to cook! And as you do, that KitchenAid will be very handy. Now is the time to take charge of your future! Now is the time to establish good marriage practices that can be sustained throughout your lives! That's what it all means for the boy and girl! And not to mention, twenty years from now, a couch will be worn out, surround sound will be out dated, your grandma will be in heaven and the KitchenAid will be going strong preparing, one of my favorites, chocolate chip cookies, in addition to mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, whipped cream, chicken rolls, snicker doodles, vegetable dips and sauces, banana bread, birthday cakes, jam, salsa, etc. (you get the idea)!

    Oh, by the way, you are not returning the KitchenAid.:) Love you guys and love the blog!

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  7. I am in the EXACT same boat! I can't cook worth a dang! However, I have a husband that does! :)

    Learn to use the kitchen aid for bread and stuff... It's not something you just give away!! Those things are freaking expensive!!! And you'll use it someday! I can't cook and I still want one! So my vote would be keep it! You'll learn to use it and you will be so glad you have it!!

  8. Keep it Hads. Having such a pretty kitchen gadget will help you want to learn to cook and it will make it so much easier. If you don't keep it I doubt you'll ever justify the pricey purchase when you do want one. Take advantage of your resources (free time, recipes from your mom &friends, recipe blogs, etc) and learn how to cook! It's so much fun!

  9. You may not be a cook now, but you're about to become "the cook". Keep the kitchen-aid. You'll need it and your grandma gave it to you. That counts for a lot. Buy a couch at an estate sale or somewhere cheap. You'll change your mind about what couch you want after a couple of years anyway.

  10. HEECH KEEP IT!!! Your dad listed many fabulous food ideas and if that doesn't work for Cam tell him about the attachments! Pasta attachments to make your own homemade, delicious noodles! Grain grinder to make homemade bread, citrus juicer and slicer shredder. You can make any dough recipe, including your own homemade tortillas and you can slice your cheese with the slicer shredder attachment, since I know you love quesadillas! SO many possibilities. KEEP IT!

  11. Love your dad's post. So funny. And SO TRUE. Keep it! I want one, SO so so bad. But it's definitely not up on the priority list for the budget. The funny thing is, you'll make room in the budget for a new TV or surround sound, but you won't for a kitchen aid. So keep it while you got it for free.

    I was THE worst cook when we got married. It's taken me some time, but now I really do like it. And it's true, if you have a cute gadget in the kitchen to use, you'll be excited to cook and try new recipes with it. Every time I grate cheese I think about how much I want one.